President's Note

Dear fellow Junior Leaguer, 

Thank you for your support of the Junior League of Anniston-Calhoun during the 2020-2021 League Year! I hope you have enjoyed the time we’ve spent together and if you haven’t been able to join us, I hope you have enjoyed the correspondence throughout the year. We are dedicated to better fulfilling our mission with every meeting, training, and event we host. Your support is crucial! 

This year has been something no one would have imagined; yet I think we became closer and learned the true value of friends and family through COVID-19. Sadly, we lost some amazing people along the way this year. We hope that your family and friends were safe and made it through with as little heart-break and difficulty as possible. We tried our best to make the League Year as fulfilling and meaningful as possible during the COVID restrictions. 

As a league, we wanted to make everyone comfortable with COVID-19. We did zoom calls for most of our meetings; and we were able to get together for some Sudden Impacts while we had Wine Wednesday. We know it was tough to get together for things and we had a lot of members unable to join us physically, but the League preserved. With everything in the world, most things were shut down or cancelled. We, as a League, did not want to completely close, because we knew there were things the League could do virtually and without getting together as much. We are so grateful for everyone that helped in any way they could. Your continued support during this trying time means the wonderful to the League Board and myself. 

While the league year looked different, we still had some of the same great socials and community impacts. The league received the Wells Fargo Grant that helped us continue to make a difference in the community. We started off the year with donating items and taking them to the Jacksonville Outreach, and we wrote notes to nurses and first responders during our Wine Wednesday. The sustainers had a breakfast walk at Choccolocco Park. We had our “Home Harvest” at the Friendship Community Center; along with our Christmas Party at the Cheaha Clubhouse. We had a great turn out in February as we had 9 potential members come to “Dating The League” Social. We had a great turn out at our new Spring fundraiser, a yard sale, that many League members helped donate items to sale. We have finished up the Mentoring Program at Anniston

High School and have 4 seniors graduating. Thank you for your support in everything throughout the league. 

We are CHANGING our FOCUS AREA! With the Mentoring Program complete, the League is looking at shifting our focus to Human Trafficking and Homeless. The Junior League is so excited to dig into Human Trafficking as a whole. The League of Birmingham and Huntsville have helped pave the way to help make an impact in Human Trafficking Awarness. There are so many opportunities and ways to make an impact in the community with issues that are happening right here in Anniston-Calhoun. With Homelessness being a major topic in the area and Human Trafficking needing attention and training, the League is so excited to jump into the fight. We have already started working on Human Trafficking. The league has started partnering with Trafficking Hope (A Human Trafficking Advociate organization), in putting out Human Trafficking Awareness Signs around Calhoun County and particiatpated in the Janurary Human Trafficking Awareness Month that The Birmingham League put on virtually. 

With the League changing it’s focus area; we hope that you bring your ideas, knowledge, and will-power to dig deep and make Anniston-Calhoun a better place. 

I know the COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of people’s mindset. We want to recharge, regroup and refocus what it means to be a “Women-Empowering Community Service Organization”. Please join us in the fight against Human Trafficking and Homelessness. 

Our League depends on your contributions, your ideas, and your input. Thank you for continuing to invest in yourself and in our League through membership in the League. We are strong women growing strong communities. You invest not only in our community when you join the League, but possibly greater than that, you invest in yourself. Therefore, you are the owner of your League experience; let’s go ALL IN and create another year of bettering our League and our community! 

Thank you! 



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