Community Impact

We are proud to have a legacy of women purposed at helping better the lives of women and children for over a quarter of a century through volunteerism and fundraising. This legacy has resulted in such projects as the first Habitat for Humanity home (1994) as well as many other collaborations with organizations in the community to tackle urgent needs and secure a better future for our community in areas of:

· Women and Children’s Health
· Promoting the arts and cultural development of children
· Reaching out to victims of domestic violence
· Mentoring and redirecting troubled youth.
· Childhood obesity prevention and  nutrition education
· Child abuse and neglect prevention
· Transitional housing and food for homeless families
· Disaster Relief
· Promotion of education and leadership development

Currently, our League's focus is Developing the Potential of Women.  In 2021, we shifted our focus to Human Trafficking and Homelessness. 


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