Our History

Our organization was founded in 1973 as the Alabama Shakespeare Festival Guild. When the Alabama Shakespeare Festival moved from Anniston to Montgomery in 1984 many of the Guild members wanted to continue to serve their community. They formed the Anniston-Calhoun Junior Service League. In April 1992, these women then completed the process of joining the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. and we officially became the 279th Junior League. 

Since then we have continued to fulfill needs in Calhoun County and to develop women as trained volunteers and community leaders

Here is a detailed history from the early years by one of our founders, Mrs. Betty Potts Woodruff. 
JLAC Past Fundraisers, Community Projects, Long-Range Projects, and Provisional Projects - click for a complete list


Service Guild
Betty Potts Woodruff, 73-74    
Inga Davis, 74-75    
Juliette Doster, 75-77    
Margaret Griffis, 77-78   
Tora Johnson, 78-80
Jean Willett, 80-82
Alice Donald, 82-83
Tora Johnson, 83-84

Junior League
Tora Johnson, 84-85    
Betsy Babb, 85-86, 86-87   
Angela Williamson, 87-88, 88-89    
Martha Vandervoort, 89-90   
Robin Cooper, 90-91    
Lynn Rice, 91-92   
Becky Hollingsworth, 92-93    
Glenda Barker, 93-94   
Becky Madden, 94-95    
Gena Vineyard, 95-96    
Linda Hearn, 96-97   
Lisa Bobo, 97-98   
Cindy Calhoun, 98-99   
Julie Escue, 99-00    
Loy Thomas, 00-01
Monica Craddock, 01-02
Jane Eldemire, 02-03
Karla Ross, 03-04
*Laura Pratt, 04-05, 05-06
Hillary Folsom, 06-07
Gail Tillman, 07-08
Erin Woodruff, 08-09
Kelly Patterson, 09-10
Lynn Mitchell, 10-11
Dawn Wilczek, 11-12
Amy Stone, 12
Alyson Mims, 13, 13-14
Maryann Gendron, 14-15
*Lana Smith, 15-16, 16-17
Amanda Martin, 17-18
Tina Roberts, 18-19
Mylie Johnson, 19-20
Amanda Faye Currie, 20-21
*Jaclyn Willis, 21-22, 22-23

*Presidents with a 2 year term



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